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Real change is completely possible. Neuroscience shows us that we can rewire our thinking and behaviour, if we give ourselves the time and commitment to make it happen. With this in mind, my main offerings are

8 and 16 session packages. Bespoke packages and one-off sessions are available on request.

8 session individual (1:1) package is currently £650,

16 session £1250.

When might coaching be a good fit?

  • for women who have lost themselves or burnt themselves out in the struggle to be and do it all and are ready to take control and start being their best self both for themself and their loved ones

  • for women who want to find their confidence and grasp the right promotions and opportunities that really speak to what's important to them

  • for mums due to back to work after maternity leave who want to call the shots and have a work-life balance that works for them and their family

  • for women who are preparing to start a family or pregnant mums wanting to start motherhood with clear intentions and confidence in their choices

I'm here to support you to work through what you need, what actions you need to take and ultimately to find the best, happiest you to lead your most fulfilled life.

Have faith, there are other ways - version you 2.0 here we come. 💕

If you'd like to speak about how you can work with me, drop me an email below or book a free 60 minute Clarity & Connection Consultation to see how we can work together.

Bespoke Individual Coaching Packages

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Explore, Elevate & Expand

8 week Case Study experience

A new opportunity for Summer 2024 to go deeper and make radical shifts.

Limited spaces to join me as I add further modalities to my coaching practice.

Neurogetics coaching and Frequency Imprinting all us to work at a quantum level to bring the conscious and unconscious on the journey to support us in our quest for greater alignment and fulfilment.

Despite getting access to all of my previous training and experience, in this 8 week container you'll get everything I already bring as coach, plus my expansive learnings into energetics, neuroscience and the unseen - all for just £222.

Ready to embrace the opportunity and intrigued to know more - hit the sign up button below.

Coffee with Friends
Group Hike

Illuminate Your Essence

Do It Yourself Online Course

This is a very special 6 week offering that I'm very excited about. It brings together a package of self-development in one supportive bubble.

Each week you will have access to a new module to expand and challenge yourself to start looking deeper into who you truly are. These include video content, exercises, journal prompts and more.

All of this for just £35!

Ready to dive in? Click here!

Beach Chairs

In Person Circle

Connection, togetherness and the sharing of experience in person, face to face, is really important to me. The physical ability to hold each other can't fully be replaced by online services.

This will be a monthly group gathering based around North Surrey that includes aspects of group coaching as well as the opportunity to share with others and experience other enriching activities.

Our next event is planned for Friday 21st June 10am - 1pm at Lyne Village Hall.

This is going to be a magical space where we can share a journey towards deeper connection with ourselves through somatic movement, mindset work and the embracing of the unseen.

Tickets are £30.

Online Meditation

Free Accountability PLUS Group

Free monthly Zoom calls to provide connection, accountability and a sense of belonging, with special opportunities to access coaching elements as suit you.

More Freebies

Dream Life Quiz

Discover your dream life and unlock your true potential with the Your Dream Life Quiz! Gain insights into your mindset, emotions, and readiness for action.

Be Do Have

Use this free download to dive deeper into what you truly want in your future.

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