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Illuminate Your Essence

Connect and awaken your inner power to create freedom so that you can start living your best life.

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Presented by Charlie Kram,
Founder & CEO at Into Your Element

Hi, I'm Charlie!

I've been on a journey and still am! I want other women to see that it's possible to feel lost and find a way out.

From feeling like a successful professional woman with lots more potential to explore, I became a mum, 3 times over. Both work and motherhood were key to my identity, but more and more the two seemed to conflict. In many ways, the recent pandemic was a blessing to me; disrupting my life as I knew it and forcing me to face what was really important to me. It allowed me time and space to recognise how lost I'd become, how disconnected and reignite my readiness for action.

I take this work very seriously. I am a qualified coach (training accredited by the ICF at Level 2, Professional Certified Coach; by the EMCC; and also the Association of Coaching). I am also personally credentialled at ACC level with the ICF. All of this commitment, work and experience to make sure that I have the tools and experience to deliver on those good intentions.

I'm here to support other women to harness their innate power and move into their own element, for them and, I believe, a greater good.

Illuminate Your Essence

This 6 week self-study programme offers you time and space to really discover and reconnect with self, ready to make the changes you need to live your best life.

You will access weekly exercises, tools and techniques to shine a light on what's important to you and discover what is currently in your way.

This is about you. You taking yourself and your dreams seriously and you allowing yourself to access a support system to make positive waves in your life and the lives of those around you. 💫

All of this, to illuminate your essence, your power and potential and drive you forward for just £22.

In the programme we cover

Plus a 60 minute Clarity & Connection Consult

Book this at the beginning, middle or end of your journey through this programme to dive deeper into what you want, what's stopping you and get some clear next steps to get you started.

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