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All About Me

I'm Charlie, founder of Into Your Element coaching. I am deeply passionate about helping women - professionals, working mums and pre-mums - create their absolute best life, with the balance and wholeness they deserve. To find and keep our balance, we need to get clear on what that actually means for us and then keep taking the action we deserve to be the best version of ourselves.

I absolutely love seeing clients realise what it is they need for them (often moving away from the surrounding noise of what others are striving for) and start moving into their element and towards their fulfilled life.

My own journey through various jobs, climbing the ladder and succeeding at most of what I turned my hand to, left me fairly cold when I became a mum and the value-based companies I worked for seemed to lose their soul. The balance was way out and I took a breath and re-evaluated. I decided it was time to take back control, rebalance life for what I needed and to start making each day count.

A few elements have become really clear as pivotal to me - the desire to see social change for the better, a complete awe and endless fascination of human-ness and fundamental joy. These are the things that guide me and have ultimately led me to coaching as a career. It is my greatest hope that through coaching, I can support working mums to harness their unique power to gain them the freedoms they desire and create rippling positive change in the world.

I take this work very seriously. I am a qualified coach (training accredited by the ICF at Level 2, Professional Certified Coach; by the EMCC; and also the Association of Coaching). I am also personally credentialled at ACC level with the ICF. All of this commitment, work and experience to make sure that I have the tools and experience to deliver on those good intentions.

For more information about who I help, click over to the Services page or if you want to chat to me about how we could work together, drop me an email below or find a time that suits you to spend an hour with me getting deeper clarity on your goals. Book your Clarity & Connection Consultation here.

There is greatness ahead for each of us.

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