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Client Talk

What They Say

"The outcomes of being coached by Charlie have been powerful and profound. It's hard to do it justice but I'll try because it's important...

I consider it a great privilege to have been supported by Charlie. It's quite magical (almost other worldly) how she holds space for me. Every session I've left empowered, enlightened and inspired. Not only clear on my next steps but actually feeling confident and excited about taking them!

If you're considering coaching, you'd be wise to chat with Charlie. She's magnificent, I can't recommend her highly enough."


Charlie is an amazing coach who really gets the challenges of women/mums/working mums/staying at home mums and so on. I've had a few sessions with her and she has beautifully guided me towards understanding what I'm struggling with in business and family life and finding the tools to work on these areas. She creates a relaxed environment and never rushes through a session. I've learned so much about myself thanks to Charlie and feel more grounded and clear on where I need to be. I would not hesitate to recommend Charlie to any woman who is juggling work and motherhood and wants to find calmness in the storm!

Thank you Charlie.


"Before we worked together I was feeling overwhelmed, I was lacking confidence and constantly second-guessing myself. The sessions allowed me to really understand myself better and I now feel in a much better place to not let these feelings stop me from progressing. I have a toolbox of effective strategies that help me daily.

I found the sessions so helpful because I was able to think out loud and really get clarity around all the thoughts flying around in my head. You asked me questions that helped me make sense of it all and I would always end the session feeling lighter and more confident."


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