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Northern Lights

Explore, Elevate & Expand

8 weeks together to explore, elevate & expand towards your true inner greatness. 

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Explore, Elevate & Expand

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound personal transformation?


This exclusive offer grants you access to coaching PLUS as I train as a Neurogetics Coach to add this game-changing modality to my work. This isn't just coaching, it's a revolutionary approach that integrates neuroscience, the powerful dynamics of energetics and the powerful realms of the quantum field.


​Picture this: you, harnessing the combined power of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, guided by a seasoned expert with a proven track record of supporting meaningful, life-changing results.


​But this isn't just about theory — it's about real, tangible results, for YOU. Clients who have experienced this work serve as living proof of its transformative potential. You will get the personalised support and guidance from me that I offer to all of my clients, you'll not only tap into your inner potential but also learn to seamlessly integrate these life-altering practices into your daily life.


​Now is your chance to step into the forefront of personal evolution, to unlock new levels of fulfilment, joy and success. I'm offering a limited number of discounted places to experience this modality while I train.

BUT, ​If you sign up and claim one of my remaining Case Study spaces, you can expect:

  • 8 weeks of work with me through this framework supported by existing coaching experience (£1111)

  • a free Clarity & Connection Consultation to get clear on your focus (£55)

  • access to tools to support you into a deeper knowing of yourself (invaluable)

Once qualified, this will be available for £2222, but for now you can access this for 

just £222! 


Are you ready to seize this opportunity to join me on this journey of deeply transformative work and experience the profound shifts that await?


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Presented by Charlie Kram,
Founder & CEO at Into Your Element

Hi, I'm Charlie!

I've been on a journey and still am! I want other women to see that it's possible to feel lost and find a way out.

From feeling like a successful professional woman with lots more potential to explore, I became a mum, 3 times over. Both work and motherhood were key to my identity, but more and more the two seemed to conflict. In many ways, the recent pandemic was a blessing to me; disrupting my life as I knew it and forcing me to face what was really important to me. It allowed me time and space to recognise how lost I'd become, how disconnected and reignite my readiness for action.

I take this work very seriously. I am a qualified coach and am also personally credentialled at ACC level with the ICF. Incidentally, in case it matters to you, my training was accredited by the ICF at Level 2, Professional Certified Coach; by the EMCC; and also the Association of Coaching, so a hard hitter in terms of expectations and delivery.

I'm now body and soul deep in further training that feels so joyful and meant to me. Firstly, deeper into coaching to bring Neurogetics and Frequency Imprinting to my practice and also diving deeper into somatic work.

All of this commitment, work and experience to make sure that I have the tools and experience to deliver on those good intentions and support other women to feel the positive effects of doing their own work.

I'm here to support other women to harness their innate power and move into their own element, for them and, I believe, a greater good.

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