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The value of the past and other perspectives

I hold a view that there is much to learn from simpler, bygone times, where people looked at each other, their surroundings and the awe-inspiring sky without it needing to be a conscious choice. No need to ‘take a break’ from social media, doom scrolling or endless virtual meetings.

The same can be said to be true when we look back to simpler, or just different, times in our own lives, with the purpose of gaining insights and carrying them forward to today and beyond. A time when you felt confident in your role or a time where you were full of hope and possibility. Connecting with that real, lived personal experience can open up our acceptance that it can support us in the here and now. Throughout our lives (and throughout time) there will be many versions of ourselves and this is something to be embraced and can be channelled to serve us.

Coaching is forward focused, creating and developing personal, professional or business goals and designing a plan to achieve those goals, so what place does the past have? Our pasts are powerful and complex and coaching is not usually the place to explore this. However, often there are stories we are telling ourselves (that we aren’t even conscious of) and through the thought-provoking and creative coaching partnership, clients are inspired to maximise their personal and professional potential. The past offers a perspective and we can gain valuable insights from this viewpoint.

Alternative perspectives are so valuable - to take a step back, to borrow someone else’s lens or point of view or imagine your future self looking back on where you are now. We can also get caught up in our day to day and these ‘other’ views act as disrupters, ways that we can challenge ourselves and make room for personal growth.

There is also huge value in taking steps into the future, considering what it is that you want to find there. It is with this in mind that we can start to cultivate the beginnings of that journey and by considering our whole selves in the picture, we’re much more likely to get there.

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