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The Journey

And no, I’m talking about the band... although the title of their song might well come in handy, so don't stop believeing! 😉

When you make a decision to go for something, it all starts with one step. That small first step might just be a realisation - about yourself, something you want to change or how you want the future you to be. Many, many small steps - further insights and action - will get you to the place you are in your future imagining.

It’s often a long road, we know behavioural change takes time. If you stop and admire the view every so often and really think about how far you’ve come, how does that keep you moving forward, taking the next step? I love being outdoors and have walked up a fair few big hills. It’s great to know where you’re heading, but there is so much power in the journey itself. Reflecting on where you've come from can really let how much all those little steps have added up to sink in.

So if the first step is starting, what is it you want to be starting towards?

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